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Timid PM > Confident Director of Product

A talented Product Manager who found herself in a state of frustration when her IT team transitioned everyone to Jira, a tool that seemed overwhelming and unfamiliar. This sudden change left her uncertain about the next steps in her role.

Fortunately, she stumbled upon Product x Agile (PxA) just in the nick of time! She decided to enroll in our renowned "Jira Master Class" course, accompanied by personalized coaching hours to solidify her newfound knowledge. The results were astonishing.

Armed with our comprehensive training and guidance, she swiftly embraced her career confidence and garnered a new role as a Director, confidently leading her team towards greater success. The knowledge and skills she gained through PxA's Jira Master Class empowered her to navigate the complexities of the tool with ease, propelling her career to new heights.

Burnt Out Project Manager > Excited Product Manager

A seasoned Project Manager with 14 years of experience in the construction industry. Despite his extensive background, he found himself burnt out and yearning for a way to unleash his creative side that had long been stifled.

Enter PxA, the catalyst for his remarkable career transformation. With our "How to Write Killer User Stories" course, he discovered a newfound passion that brought immense joy to his professional life. Through this course, he gained access to invaluable templates, real-world examples and ample opportunities to practice and refine his skills to support his team effectively.

Exhausted Elementary Teacher > Seasoned Scrum Master

An extraordinary teacher who possessed an innate ability to nurture and care for her team. However, she grew weary of the ever-increasing political landscape that often limited her impact within the educational system. She yearned for an opportunity to make a tangible difference and embark on a new journey.

She landed a coveted Scrum Master position on a team preparing to embark on an exciting customer discovery phase.

She was determined not to be left behind in the team's fast-paced environment. With her training budget wisely invested, she enrolled in our highly regarded "Achieving Product Market Fit" and "5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Product Career" courses. Equipped with newfound knowledge and skills, she returned to her team on fire and ready to create a safe and empowering environment for them to thrive.

6 Month Releases > Monthly Releases

An incredible SaaS product team brimming with knowledge about their product and fostering strong customer relationships. But there was one challenge—they struggled with slow delivery pace. Although the team members boasted years of industry experience and self-taught product knowledge, they recognized the need to bridge the gap and elevate their performance.

The team's visionary leadership understood that investing in their team was the key to success. They chose to collaborate with our PxA experts, participating in our comprehensive Team Training courses, supplemented with personalized coaching hours to maximize practical application.

The results were astounding! The team proudly achieved a significant decrease in release time, enhancing their ability to deliver value to their customers faster than ever before. But the benefits didn't stop there. Their improved delivery pace bolstered their customer relationships, creating an even stronger bond of trust and satisfaction.

38% Turnover Rate > 0% Turnover Rate

We were approached by a product team in the healthcare benefits industry who believed that their user stories had to be overly technical and intricately detailed. Their fear of making mistakes that could impact patient care loomed large.

Our engagement began with a few coaching sessions and a team training on "How to Write Killer User Stories." Together, we opened the door to a revelation—the team realized what truly mattered (and what didn't) when crafting their user stories. The outcome? Deliveries still happened seamlessly, exceptional care continued to be provided, and the best part—Product Managers began to stick around!

No longer losing their brightest team members, the team experienced an unintended consequence—they found joy in their work again. They were having fun, doing what they loved, and forging a genuine partnership with the entire Product team, including development, QA, and design. The Product Managers no longer carried the weight of the world on their shoulders!

Shoulder Tap Led > Product Led

We met an extraordinary workspace planning company that caught our attention right from the start. They possessed immense potential to break new ground in their industry. Their concept was brilliant, but their method of delivery lacked essential data, definition, and input from customers.

They were the epitome of the classic "build as you sell" approach, driven by sales and leadership strategies. Recognizing their eagerness to innovate, we embarked on a transformative journey together. Through our Team Training program and personalized coaching support hours, we unleashed their true potential.

The results were astonishing! In less than a year after undergoing our training, this remarkable team received a prestigious Innovation of the Year award. Embracing a Product Led approach propelled them to the forefront of innovation, enabling them to deliver groundbreaking solutions and outshine their competitors.

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